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Rebar + Common Test + Jenkins

Testing is always important. This fact cannot be questioned. For Erlang, we have two excellent frameworks: EUnit and Common Test. I’m always using the latter, just because I’m used to it. I don’t know if it’s superior or inferior to … Continue reading

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R16+ and CentOS 6.4

Because of disabled cipher suite, currently it’s not possible to compile Erlang R16 under CentOS 6.4 with up-to-date OpenSSL (1.0.1e-16.el6_5.7). The solution can already be found on erlang-questions but I thought it might be useful to store it somewhere else … Continue reading

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Mnesia migration from noname node

We have a task of complete rewrite of an old system and as you might guess, one of the challenges awaiting us is database migration. This means double challenge, since we’re not only migrating to new, heavily changed schema, but … Continue reading

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How to run a system command in Erlang?

Originally posted on Piotr Gabryanczyk's Blog:
Problem I would like to be able to run ie. ls -al / from erlang and process the results using erlang. ie. Files = cmd:run(“ls -al /”). Solution -module(cmd). -export([run/1, run/2, test/0]). run(Cmd)…

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WordPress, MongooseIM and Websocket-based chat

Yeah, it’s almost certain that someone will say that this post is just a one, big MongooseIM advertisement. Maybe in small part it is, but my main goal here is to not let my effort remain undocumented. Yes, it’s been … Continue reading

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Board generation for CitadErl

When playing Citadel of Blood, it seemed to be quite trivial to just pick random pieces and check if they match existing board. Maybe checking adjacent fields is easy for computer but there are certain conditions where more distant blocks … Continue reading

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I suppose many Erlang users came across this video but I just can’t resist urge to share it. For me, it’s just one of the best Monday-mood-eliminators. Even though it’s Friday, let it help us survive last hours before weekend. … Continue reading

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Push notifications in Erlang

Until I joined a certain project a few months ago, I wasn’t even aware of push notifications. Since that day I’ve heard phrase “push notifications” so many times, my memory instantly recalls one person who spoke with me about it … Continue reading

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New = better?

It is almost obvious that “new” not always meets expectations. Some might not agree with me and some might think it is an example discussed so many times, nobody cares already – but I just have to mention Windows Vista. … Continue reading

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OTP native SSL implementation performance

It’s no mystery that nobody could feel safe without SSL. Forget about on-line banking, shopping or just e-mail browsing. This technology has implementations in probably every programming language and in spite of performance differences between C, Python, Java, Erlang etc. … Continue reading

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