Every Erlang programmer loves cookies. Even now I have some in emergency stash in my bag. On the other hand, my wife loves cooking so you might guess that we are in perfect symbiosis. 🙂 That’s where I got and idea for blogging from: she has a page with hundreds of recipes and even though in my case it is difficult to write new post every day, I definitely feel the urge to share some thoughts with everyone interested. 🙂

Who am I? Between 9AM and 5PM you may know me as a software developer in Erlang Soutions Cracow office. Most of the time I feed, clean and play with cute animals called mongooses. Sometimes my assistance is required when someone needs to translate Geekish to English/Polish. Between tasks I’m a helpful spirit for the ones who wrestle with webadmin stuff.

In private life I’m soon-to-be proud father and husband. Sometimes I laugh that because of my geekness our children’s first words won’t be “mom” and “dad” but “Mass” and “Effect” or “Get cookie”.
I enjoy good hard music (love you Spotify for Ozzy discography!), fantasy books and cRPG games. This means long hair and addiction to Baldur’s Gate, Deus Ex, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. 🙂


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